Inspirations are a resource you have to let the AI understand your concept more precesily. They are really helpful when you, for example, want to recreate a particular environment or situation. They can also be helpful to represent textures. 

In this section, we will show you how you can cretae your own inspirations in Neural Fashion’s platform. 

First of all, you have to go to the “Inspiration” page on the menu and select “new inspo folder”.

Then, the correspondant form will open so you will be able to fill them with the needed information: 

  • Inspiration name: Select a name you want to relate with this inspiration so it will be easier to identificate. 
  •  Inspiration description: Make a descriptive phrase about the briefing you want to create.
  • Keywords: You must describe the concept only using keywords. Do not forget to separate the concepts with commas. 

Example: white sheets, natural, organic, curtains, draping, elegant

  •  Inspiration files: Insert the corresponding pictures (from 1 up to 10). The AI will catch only one of them each times it creates a image, but if you have different options it will generate different and more creative results. 
  • Create inspiration: Press the button to start creating!
Once you have the inspiration created, you have to add it to a new moodboard, see you to do it in this link