How it works


Do you want to become a pioneer brand in the use of Generative AI?

At Neural Fashion AI we have developed an alpha version of our platform that combines all the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, so that brands can create their campaigns from images of their garments taken with a mobile phone.

To allow brands to be part of our platform exclusively, we have created an Early Access Plan that combines access to the platform with full support from our team. This way they will get the best results.

Being part of the Neural Fashion AI Early Access Plan means:

  • Access to a generative AI platform pioneered in the fashion industry.
  • Having the full support of a multidisciplinary team of AI and fashion experts.
  • The ability to generate visual content quickly and dynamically.
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Collect and summarize your ideas so that Neural Fashion’s creative team can understand them and assist you in achieving the best results.

Take photos of the garments you want to appear in the campaign and upload them to the platform so that the Neural Fashion AI can recognize and reproduce them on any type of body and in any scenario

Provide the platform with all the details you want for your campaign and let it generate multiple images with the help of the Neural Fashion AI creative team and the briefing information.

Choose the images you want to edit terms of light and details and let our creatives do it.