Neural Fashion AI


Welcome to our User’s Guide. Within this section, you will discover all the necessary tutorials to optimize your experience using our platform.

Feel free to explore the diverse range of resources tailored specifically for you, and embark on a journey to master the creation of incredible AI images alongside us.

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Neural Fashion AI is an innovative project driven by Raona, a leading technology company in the industry. This innovative initiative seamlessly merges the fields of fashion and artificial intelligence, with the ultimate goal of helping fashion brands develop their visual content. In this way, brands can boost their creativity and take a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to campaign creation.

Our solution includes a sophisticated platform designed to give each of our valued clients a dedicated space for image generation and creative exploration. In addition, our team of experts provides them with comprehensive support to ensure the flawless refinement of the images they generate. Our mission is to enable brands to become self-sufficient in content creation and achieve exceptional results.

Upon understanding the brand’s unique requirements and campaign objectives, along with providing comprehensive training for their team to seamlessly navigate our platform, brands can embark on the journey of creating their campaigns with ease:

1- With a cell phone, the brand has to take between 15 and 30 images of the garment and upload them to the platform.
2- When the images are already uploaded, the platform begins to train the piece to recognize it and then generate images with models, set in the chosen brand-approved scenarios and wearing the garments.
3- The client describes to the platform how he wants the images of the campaign to be and the platform starts to generate them.
4- When they are already generated, the client can select the ones he/she likes the most and take more pictures if he/she wants to.
5- The client selects the photos he wants to edit for his campaign and our team performs the post-editing.

In addition, whenever the client wishes, our creative team can generate inspirational images to help the brand explore creative scenarios and from there, turn them into campaign images.

• 15 to 30 photos of the garment

• photos taken from different angles

• Different models wearing the garments

• Different backgrounds

We strongly advise discarding these images and opting to shoot additional photos instead.

How can I register to the platform?

To sign up for the platform, all you need to do is get in touch with us!

We’re eager to get to know you and your project, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure you achieve the best results and gain a thorough understanding of the platform’s intricacies.