New Features Uniting Technology and Art in Digital Fashion



At Neural Fashion AI, we continue to innovate to offer our brands an increasingly powerful and creative tool. We are excited to present our latest updates, designed to enhance creativity and efficiency in image generation for brands.

More Creativity for Brands, Giving Voice to Digital Artists

The real gem of our latest updates is the “Crafted” tab found within the moodboards. Here, you will see the creative work our digital artists have done for you, a feature that not only celebrates our artists’ creativity but also offers brands new perspectives and materials to use in their campaigns. Now, at Neural Fashion AI, we bring together creatives and brands for unparalleled results. Providing brands with not only fresh and original inspiration but also elevating the art of digital fashion to new standards.

The Shooter You Need at Every Moment

We have improved the shooters so you can use them more easily whenever you need them, even combine them! The Easy Shooter will help you generate images with varied and random prompts, and the Custom Shooter gives you control to incorporate your own prompts, perfectly aligning the results with your artistic vision. Both shooters can be combined at the same time and even used with the inspiration function! Enter your moodboard, choose the shooter you want, and fire away!

Visual Improvements and Notifications:

In addition, we have made significant visual improvements to the platform to enhance the user experience and have implemented an email notification system to keep our users informed and engaged.

At Neural Fashion AI, our goal is to merge advanced technology and artistic creativity to redefine the future of digital fashion. With these new updates, we are excited to see how our brands and artists collaborate and create together, taking digital fashion to new creative horizons.