Discover the multiple ways our AI can create your fashion campaigns



With Neural Fashion’s platform, you have the unparalleled opportunity to craft your pictures using a diverse array of shotter styles. Each one brings you the possibility to obtain different results and ways to express your creativity. In today’s blog we will dive into each one of them. Let’s begin!

Easy shooter

It can be defined as the simplest method as it generates pictures automatically without requiring any prompts. The obtained results are created using already created prompts which are beyond your control.

This is amazing option to bring out platform’s potential and see what AI can create without any default appearance. The resulting pictures will not have relation among them so, it offers you a wide range of options.

It is also a good way to see the first results of your item and discover if the training has been well developed or you should have to retrain it again. Since it is easily created you can create multiple results within seconds.

Picture made with Easy Shooter

Custom shooter

Tailor your images with a custom prompt is a good option when you have the briefing on your mind and need a resource to express your vision and obtained related results. Our custom shooter works through a prompt, a short and detailed text that communicates to AI what response you’re looking for.

This option offers the highest level of specificity, enabling you to craft a prompt from scratch using your own language to describe the desired concept. If you want to know more about prompt creation, check our prompt guide.

Picture made with Custom Shooter

Ethos shooter

If starting from scratch with a prompt feels daunting but you know which aesthetic or brand’s image you want to represent, you can consider utilizing our Ethos Shooter.

This feature simplifies the process by requiring only a few descriptive words about your brand, style, or concept. By only writing a few words about your company’s style, your briefing or the aesthetic you want, you can generate pictures like this one:

Image made with Ethos Shooter

For more information about the different shooters, you can go to our tutorial.