6 Tips to Start Using Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Campaign Creation



Over the past year, artificial intelligence has seen significant growth across various professional sectors. Focusing on the fashion industry, we can observe how this technology has begun to carve out a space within leading brands, though still in its nascent stages.

Indeed, while AI is a hot topic, we must remember that it is a very new technology, and the vast majority of brands still do not know how to apply it in their processes. According to the McKinsey and BoF report “The State of Fashion 2024,” AI will be key to the industry’s growth. Creatively, industry professionals must look beyond automation and explore the potential of generative AI to enhance their creative work.

But… How can fashion brands start using generative AI in their visual creation processes? We offer you some tips

  • Start using generative AI in your inspiration processes. This technology will allow you to explore new worlds and acquire new ideas from concepts you have in mind
  • Opt for AI tools specific to the fashion industry like Neural Fashion AI. This will enable you to achieve good results, and particularly with Neural Fashion AI, you’ll obtain images featuring your garments along with technical and creative support that will facilitate the adoption process.
  • Start gradually by generating your content and set realistic goals. We always advise beginning with the creation of visual content that, for example, can be used on more flexible and dynamic channels like social media. From there, once a series of images have been introduced on these channels, start working on a complete campaign, such as the launch of a collection
  • Opt for creativity. Generative AI is a highly creative technology that will help us take our campaigns further and create images we couldn’t have created before
  • Give yourself time. AI is a very new technology that is in full development and evolution. It’s very important to be aware of its state and to seek advice. Once you have internalized this, you’ll see how you start to work magic 
  • And above all, remember: you are a pioneer. Starting to use platforms like Neural Fashion AI now will immediately position you at another level and give you an edge that other brands haven’t even considered yet.

Are you ready to start creating?