The role of AI in the creation of fashion shootings



The fashion landscape is being radically transformed by the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Leading brands such as Stradivarius, Casablanca, and Desigual have begun adopting Generative AI applications, such as Midjourney, for content generation. The recently established Copy Magazine has revolutionized the industry by generating all of its content entirely with AI, and in the backdrop of New York Fashion Week, the first AI Fashion Week was organized, where innovative designers showcased collections designed with artificial intelligence.

This AI boom has sparked a fervent interest in adopting this new technology among fashion brands. Neural Fashion AI emerges in this context as the first tool that uses AI for creating fashion shootings, taking innovation and distinctiveness to a higher level for brands.

What sets this tool apart from what has already been implemented in some brand campaigns? The answer is clear and resounding: Neural Fashion AI generates images with AI that showcase the actual brand’s garments, not mere approximations or concepts inspired by their products.

Real image of a blazer

Neural Fashion AI generated image

This innovative approach redefines traditional processes in the fashion industry, opening doors to creativity and sustainability, while reducing costs and production time. Brands with limited resources now have the opportunity to create impactful and unique campaigns without dealing with restrictions, additionally being able to produce images in any desired setting without limitations and without having to leave the office.

The combination of artificial intelligence and fashion is changing the game, paving a new path toward creative expression and unlimited potential for brands. This paves the way for a more dynamic and efficient future in the fashion industry.