Reinventing the Red Carpet



Glamour and fashion came together once again at the 2024 Oscars gala! This event, known for honoring the best in cinema, wouldn’t be complete without its iconic red carpet and the dazzling dresses that adorn it.

At Neural Fashion, we’ve been paying close attention to every detail of this spectacle, selecting the looks that caught our eye the least, to offer our own AI-powered reinterpretation.


We start with the talented Billie Eilish, winner of the best original song award. While we admire her boldness in the fashion world, this time we felt her choice didn’t live up to the Oscars’ expected elegance. Inspired by her Chanel tweed suit, we created a more modern version suitable for the occasion, merging current total look trends and formal office style.


Charlize Theron, always flawless in her style, presented us with a dress that, though simple, didn’t enhance her figure as we hoped. We decided to design a dress tighter at the waist, maintaining her characteristic elegance but highlighting her splendid silhouette at the same time. Inspired by trends of deep necklines and metallic tones, we created a piece that reflects her innate sophistication.


Becky G’s dress, though elegant, did not reach its full potential on this occasion. We felt that the tone of the corset abruptly divided her figure, breaking the expected fluidity of a gala dress. Therefore, we present our version in a total black look that retains the singer’s characteristic sensuality but adheres to the formal norms of such events.

Which version do you prefer, the original or Neural Fashion’s?