Neural Fashion AI and Modacc: The Catalan fashion industry bets on AI for content creation



Modacc, the Catalan Fashion Cluster, consistently commits to the digitalization and innovation of the fashion industry. That’s why this year, we’ve launched a project in collaboration with the goal of bringing Neural Fashion AI’s intelligence closer to the brands participating in the project. As a result, they’re now beginning to generate their first pieces of content using this cutting-edge technology.

For this project, we’ve devised a specific plan to ease the use of the platform for the brands and assist them in achieving their content generation goals.

Happy Punt, Bohodot, Sita Murt, Bóboli, Simorra, The Animals Observatory, and Escorpion are the Catalan brands participating in the project. They will pioneer incorporating AI into their campaigns, thus positioning themselves as leaders in new technologies and innovation.